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Project Meeting – Aberystwyth

The Bluefish project management team and researchers got together to discuss progress to date. Huge thanks to our project partners and hosts at Aberystwyth for the two day meeting. Significant collaboration between all six partners and more planned. Continue Reading

BlueFish Project Launch

            Researchers, industry representatives and commercial producers from both sides of the Irish Sea congregated in Bangor University on Tuesday to officially launch the BlueFish Project, a  collaboration between Wales and Ireland that will examine the effect of climate change on fish and shellfish sustainability in the Irish Sea. Speaking… Continue Reading

BLUEFISH @ Aberystwyth

BLUEFISH @ Aberystwyth Professor Paul Shaw is leading the Aberystwyth University component of the €6.25 million BLUEFISH project, funded under the Ireland-Wales EU Interreg programme to investigate potential effects of climate change on fisheries and aquaculture activities across the Irish Sea. Read more here         Continue Reading

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