Dynamic Seas Conference

Climate change is already affecting the world’s oceans and coasts, with European regional seas showing some of the most pronounced and rapid impacts. Oceans cover two thirds of the Earth’s surface, are an essential component of the Earth’s ecosystem, and are critical to sustainable development. Under predicted future scenarios, the functionality of shallow marine ecosystems is likely to change, with impacts on species of food or commercial relevance to coastal communities.


Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Climate Change closed the BlueFish Conference

The Deputy Minister said “I look forward to speaking at the BlueFish project closure conference and finding out more about their key findings on the impact of climate change for the industry.

“Our continued relationship with Ireland is even more important now the UK has left the EU and projects like BlueFish, that bring together scientific expertise from both nations to increase capacity and research into the effects of climate change, form a vital part of our ambitions within the Ireland Wales Shared Statement and Joint Action Plan.”

Using art to tanslate complex research and themes was key throughout the BlueFish project and an important element when deciding the format of our final conference. Graphic Illustration was provided by Laura Sorvala , Illustrating each presentation into an egaging visual, easily understandable for all.

ILLUSTRATIONS BY LAURA SORVALA www.laurasorvala.com . Illustrations copyrighted and not to be reproduced without permission.

Conference Reports

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