Coates CJ, Lim J, Harman K, Rowley AF, Griffiths DJ, Emery H, Layton W. The insect, Galleria mellonella, is a compatible model for evaluating the toxicology of okadaic acid. Cell Biol Toxicol (2018)

Presentations and Posters


Marine Evidence Conference Swansea (17th – 19th Sept 2019)

BlueFish WP 4.3: Disease Connectivity. Where are the reservoirs of shellfish diseases in the aquatic environment?

BLUEFISH: Shifting shellfish distributions of the NE Atlantic.

Useful External Publications

2019 [Wales] Welsh Marine Evidence Strategy

2019 [Wales] Draft Climate Change Adaptation Plan For Wales (Consultation Document)

2009 [Ireland] Irish Ocean Climate and Ecosystem Status Report Summary

2018 [Ireland] National Adaptation Framework – Planning for a climate Resilient Ireland

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